Order Picking

Order picking in a short time and with absolute precision

Goods are picked with very short lead times in-house and are guaranteed to be error-free.

Prepared for all requirements


We achieve fast in-house throughput times with our sophisticated picking techniques:

  • Manual order picking
  • Belt picking
  • High-volume order picking
  • Pick-by-Voice order picking

Flexible handling of variable quantities

Whether picking small quantities or with an increase to large quantities – we can handle any requirement. For large quantities and many recipients, we use our tilting tray sorter to pre-sort the packages according to logistical goals, thus shortening the time required for shipping processing.

zero-Error picking

With our quality management we achieve error rates of zero percent in our order picking processes. Accurate master data maintenance and weighing of the packages make this possible.

Our order picking techniques

We use the following picking techniques in various decentralized areas of our building to assemble your goods according to your order:

  1. Manual or conventional picking
  2. Belt picking
  3. High-volume order picking
  4. Pick-by-Voice Picking

The type of picking depends on the size, turnover rate, value, dispatchability and shelf life of the articles. We master the handling of dangerous goods and hazardous substances as well as the handling of furniture parts, displays and bulky goods.

Most packages come from the decentralized order picking areas to the central location – the carton sorting system (tilting tray sorter). Depending on the order, the sorter sorts up to 6,000 packages per hour to 160 destinations/slides at specified logistic destinations or chutes. 80 of these destinations have an automatic pallet supply and disposal system.
Our order picking systems are particularly suitable for small products in different formats, sizes and weights. Used in combination with the latest conveyor technology and the sorter offers you almost error-free order picking with high speed and short order throughput times. Individual adaptation and continuous optimization of the picking processes to your products is a matter of course for us in order to process your customer orders continuously and quickly.

Manual or conventional picking

We will assemble the following shipping units:

  • Full pallets, i.e. single article pallets
  • Standard cartons, i.e. single article cartons, and
  • Shipping cartons with loose goods, i.e. one or more articles and/or subpackaging.

Whole pallets are removed from the high-bay warehouse, provided with a shipping label at an identification point on the pallet conveyor system, and then automatically transported to loading. A single standard carton is picked, labelled and fed to the sorter via the belt conveyor system. If a picking order consists of several standard cartons, these are assembled into a shipping pallet in the picking area, and automatically transported to the goods issue department via the pallet conveyor system.If orders for picking contain standard cartons as well as shipping cartons with loose goods, picking is carried out with picking documents or partly with mobile data entry devices and pick-by-scan & voice systems. This contains all the information required for the order (for example, order and article numbers, quantity, volume, carton size, weight, storage bin) and usually a shipping label.Replenishment is controlled manually. If a picking station is empty, the article is requested from the small parts storage or high-bay warehouse via dialog, and the picking station is then manually refilled – partly with the aid of industrial trucks with mobile PCs.

Manual Picking
Belt picking

Belt picking

Our two conveyor picking modules offer your products picking possibilities in a combination of a total of approx. 2700 flow channels in 5 rows of shelves, 800 shelf spaces and approx. 300 pallet spaces. The goods are picked with a receipt.

Transport between the individual picking stations and areas is carried out manually on non-powered roller conveyors. The fully picked cartons are automatically transported on powered conveyor belts, measured, weighed, strapped if necessary and/or further processed at the packing station or checked and finally transported to the sorter. The shelves are replenished manually.

High volume order picking

With the use of our depalletising system with 20 pallet spaces, it is also possible for us to remove large quantities of goods from the high-bay warehouse in small time windows, and to separate them. Open pallets are put back into the high-bay warehouse and the remaining individual cartons are labelled, transported via the belt conveyor system to the small parts storage, and put into storage.

Pick-by-Voice order picking

Our flexible picking module with pick-by-voice has a high degree of automation. It consists of flow racks, which are automatically supplied with replenishment from the small-parts warehouse via the belt conveyor system, and a packing zone with connection to the sorter.

The order picking capacity is approx. 200 cartons per hour. This picking area receives automatic replenishment from the small-parts warehouse via the belt conveyor system.

Picking orders are specified via headsets. Special order picking trolleys are equipped with labeled order cartons and pushed along the rows of shelves by the order picker. The product is removed from the throughput channels according to the instructions and placed in the order cartons. In the packing zone, the picked cartons are scanned, measured, weighed and strapped, and then transported to the sorter via the fully automatic belt conveyor technology.

The maximum size of the products to be picked is determined by the replenishment container with a size of 600 x 400 x 250 mm, which should not exceed a filling weight of 35 kg. 

Pick-by-Voice order picking