Shipping logistics via reliable forwarders and parcel services

When shipping your goods, we are supported by well-known and reliable forwarders and parcel services. Usually the shipping data is transmitted to you on the same day. For your exports, we also offer you complete customs clearance.

Overview of shipping services

  • Goods issue and loading
  • Container Weighing
  • Disposition of freight
  • Sending through network forwarders and parcel services
  • Track & trace
  • Shipment notification & transport insurance
  • Export customs and preferential processing
  • Confirmation of successful completion

Goods Issue and Loading in Shipping Logistics

In the outgoing goods area, we load palletized goods and loose collies as general cargo or packages onto trailers and into containers. We can load using the longitudinal, transverse or stacked loading methods. We draw up a loading plan, take care of the exchange of loading equipment, and ensure that the load is secured in compliance with the law. Finally, we confirm the goods issue, and you automatically receive a confirmation in your IT system via the goods issue posting.

In the outgoing goods department, short downtimes and fast loading in a short time are available:

  • Automatic loading system for loading swap bodies in 90 seconds
  • 12 docking stations with electrically controlled dock levellers for manual loading
  • Pallet stretching line with integrated cover sheet dispenser
  • Pallet changing system, for exchanging pallets not treated against pests or bugs against treated Euro pallets
  • Calibrated scale of accuracy class 3 for container weighing according to SOLAS rules

Freight disposition

Whether it is complete truck loads or individual parcel or piece shipments, eCom provides the necessary loading space for you, and can fall back on a large pool of network forwarders and CEP service providers. Your specific requirements for the vehicle or your special delivery modalities will of course be taken into account and implemented. Daily scheduled services within Germany and in many export relations enable us to realise the shortest transit times. And very urgent shipments can be sent by courier or air freight.

Sending by network forwarders and parcel services

We use various network forwarders for the shipping of general cargo and parcels within Germany and large parts of the EU. eCom routes the shipments to the respective transshipment terminal, which ensures that the agreed transit times to the destination are met. All domestic German shipments are delivered within 24 hours. In addition, the packages are scanned with every warehouse turnover, so that the shipment can be traced without interruption. 

Track & Trace

Scanable labels of the transport service providers attached to the packages enable us to check our shipments at any time. eCom has interfaces to all network forwarders and CEP service providers and receives every scan event via EDI. This enables us to automatically monitor delivery dates and take appropriate measures immediately in an emergency. Delivery receipts can also be made available promptly via the partners’ track & trace systems.

Notification of shipment and transport insurance

If the recipient of your deliveries should be notified in advance, we will be happy to do so according to your specifications. It does not matter whether the notification is to be carried out by telephone, e-mail, or in a time window portal. The delivery date or advice note numbers received are assigned to the EDP order, and are therefore automatically visible to all participants in the transportation chain. Of course we monitor all notifications made for compliance.

eCom is generally liable according to ADSp for any transport damage or lost goods. If your goods are also to be additionally insured, we are happy to arrange this for you with an external insurer.

Export customs and preferential processing

We process your export declarations via the electronic ATLAS procedure on the basis of your invoices to your customers. We advise you on the tariffing of your goods. Depending on your requirements and legal possibilities, we place your goods at customs on site or in our warehouse.

Preferential measures constitute preferential customs treatment for goods from certain countries and territories. We apply for formal proof of preference (e.g. movement certificates EUR.1, A.TR) and prepare other necessary documents. You or your customers have cost advantages through customs savings. more about customs clearance

confirmation of successful completion

Since 01.01.2014, the legislator has required proof in the form of a confirmation of payment for tax-free delivery within the EU. Of course, eCom can make these available to you at predefined intervals (e.g. monthly or quarterly – flexible depending on shipment volumes).

Container Weighing

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has issued a new regulation for the protection of human life (Safety of Life at Sea – SOLAS), effective July 1, 2016. For this purpose, the verified gross mass of the containers to be shipped must be presented to the shipping company or the port terminal operator before the cargo is loaded onto the ship. We have a calibrated and certified scale of accuracy class 3 to determine the gross mass. Weighing takes place on the eCom premises, quite smoothly before departure to the container port. The verified gross mass is documented in a weighing report. If eCom Logistik is also commissioned with the loading and transport of the goods, we hand over this container protocol to the shipping company or the port terminal operator.




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