Product-specific storage in an automated warehouse

Your goods are safely stored with us. Up to 49,000 Euro pallets or 72,000 containers can be stored in our automated high-bay and box warehouse. In addition, a total of up to 70,000 m² is available for area storage.


Our services at a glance

  • From container and truck unloading to parcel acceptance
  • Goods acceptance with delivery note control, quantity and quality checks
  • Transfer of goods to the warehouse or to a service area
  • Use of our fully automatic high-bay and box warehouse
  • Product-specific storage of goods on Euro pallets and in containers
  • Permanent overview of the current stock of goods

Goods receipt

Goods Receipt and Goods Receipt Inspection

In conventional goods receipt processing, goods are taken from trucks or containers and palletized if required. An incoming goods inspection usually includes a delivery note inspection, a quantity check and a visual inspection of the packages for intactness. Further quality controls are possible.

Up to 300 pallets per hour can be handled at goods receipt.Goods inspection in the goods receiving hall

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Goods inspection in the goods receiving hall

Our warehouse

Goods receipt scanning of the goods

storage capacities

Up to 49,000 Euro pallets can be stored in the automatic high-bay warehouse. The storage spaces are designed so that 3 Euro pallets or two industrial pallets can be stored per storage compartment. Up to 3 t weight per compartment is possible.

The automatic box store holds 72,000 plastic boxes or cartons with a maximum size of 600x400x250 mm and a maximum weight of 35 kg.


By means of a permanent inventory, information about the stock of the goods can be provided at any time. Of course, our customers can also order an annual inventory.

In our warehouse we work according to the FIFO principle.

How can we support you?

To provide you with professional support, we need the following information, for example:

  • Which lines and products do you sell?
  • How large and heavy are these products?
  • How do the goods arrive in the warehouse?
  • Should quality inspections be carried out?
  • Are there specific storage requirements for your products?
  • How are your customer orders structured?
  • What additional services should be provided for your products before shipping?
  • Where should your products usually be shipped to?
  • Is the processing of return shipments desired?




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