Über uns

Global markets, short product cycles and cost-sensitive consumers are presenting the industrial sector and commerce with increasingly complex logistics tasks. eCom Logistik offers you the solutions!

We manage the flow of goods with a high standard

From procurement and refinement to warehousing and order picking of goods, to distribution to chain stores or directly to the end consumer – we manage the flow of goods for your products. We do this as on demand, flexible, efficient, and always tailored to your individual needs.

eCom in numbers


Year of 
business creation


Service, production
and office space

about 170

Number of
employees today


Number of occupations requiring
training in the company

Our warehouse & building

  • Multifunctional building on 7 floors
  • Fully automatic high-bay warehouse with 49,000 pallet spaces and up to 756 storage and retrieval operations per hour
  • Fully automatic box store with 72,000 containers and up to 616 storage and retrieval operations per hour
  • 59 loading ramps for incoming and outgoing goods
  • Tilting tray sorter that can sort up to 6,000 packages per hour
  • Automatic loading system that fills a loading bridge within 90 seconds
  • Large outdoor area with space for containers, loading bridges and trucks
  • 135,000 m² warehouse, office and service areas
  • 4.5 km conveyor technology and 36 elevator systems that connect everything


Durch ständige Verbesserung unserer logistischen Dienstleistungen und Prozessen sichern wir die Qualität unseres Logistik-Angebotes im Sinne unserer Kunden – Qualität geht uns alle an. Gut ist nicht gut genug!

Our team

Behind our solutions is an experienced team of logistics experts. Each individual makes a competent and committed contribution to helping you achieve your market goals.

Our qualified employees are a team. Our quality and environmental principles live through their personal responsibility and independence – we can be taken at our word!


Securing a sustainable future is a core task of management at eCom Logistik. We have high quality and environmental standards, whereby environmental protection is not isolated from other goals. Rather, it is on equal footing with our quality principles and an integral part of our long-term corporate strategy designed to increase value. To this end, we use the best available and economically justifiable technologies. more


Today, the company provides logistics services for more than 50 satisfied customers from e-commerce and retail with approx. 166 employees and Trainees.

Completion of change of name with the entry of eCom Logistik GmbH in the commercial register on January 4, 2019.

Due to simplifications in the structures under company law the business relationships of eCom Logistik GmbH & Co.KG are taken over by eCom Logistik Verwaltungs GmbH with beginning of November 2018.

eCom Logistik successfully recertified according to the new quality management standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

eCom Logistik welcomes helit innovative Büroprodukte GmbH as a new customer in the warehouse in Falkensee.

Spin-off of POS Service GmbH to increase transparency and efficiency in the service chain.

eCom Logistik becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Pelikan AG in the course of the conversion of Herlitz AG into Pelikan AG.

The Pelikan products move into the warehouse of eCom Logistik.

First year of successful logistic cooperation with the manufacturer of medical aids Etac GmbH.

First acquisition of third-party customers for the logistics business.

Creation of eCom Logistik GmbH & Co. KG by spinning off the service competences logistics and merchandising as a 100% subsidiary of Herlitz AG.

The warehouse management system is managed as a multi-client system with the sale of Herlitz Kunststoffproduktion to Helit, but remaining in the Herlitz building.

Launch of the logistics centre in Falkensee (Brandenburg) with fully automatic high-bay and box warehouse under Herlitz AG.

Receiving the “German Logistics Award” from the Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. (BVL).
Opening of the production and warehouse location in Berlin-Tegel.

Completion of the distribution centre in Berlin-Spandau including the high-bay warehouse with 76,000 pallet spaces.

Launch of the first fully automatic high-bay warehouse for finished goods in Germany with Herlitz AG at the Berlin-Tiergarten location with 6,000 pallet spaces.

Founding of Carl Herlitz Wholesale for paper and stationery.