Customs Clearance

Customs clearance of parcels, general cargo and complete container shipments

As a licensed economic operator AEO-F, we enjoy the trust of the customs administration and support you in the customs clearance of your goods to be imported and exported.

Our services at a glance

  • Export customs declaration using the ATLAS procedure
  • Compiling data and carrying out preference determination
  • Requesting, checking and archiving vendor declarations
  • Issue of preference certificates and supplier declarations for customers, declarations of origin and movement certificates
  • Applying for binding tariff information
  • Monitoring of deferment accounts for import duties
  • Applying for and monitoring of “Authorized Exporter” licences and accompanying customs inspections
  • Collection and reporting of external trade data for trade statistics INTRASTAT and EXTRASTAT, which are used for the determination of actual trade between Germany and the other EU Member States and third countries, and which are in part obligatory

Imports & Exports


For the procurement logistics of your goods with integrated import customs clearance, we require information from you on the goods to be transported – either as general cargo or as a complete container shipment. Important are among other things:

  • Which procurement method would you like? Air, sea or land transport?
  • Where are the pick-up and delivery locations?
  • Which goods are involved? Are there any dangerous goods?
  • Do you know the tariff numbers (CN code) of the products?
  • What is the volume and weight of the products including packaging?
  • What is the value of the goods?

We take care of your correct import customs clearance. This also includes the examination of tax assessment notices and, if necessary, the preparation of tax objections if, for example, original preference documents were not available in time for customs clearance. This ensures optimum use of the possibilities of customs relief.

If necessary, we support you in monitoring your deferment accounts for import duties, and in applying for import licences. 

In addition, we archive all documents relevant to customs and, if necessary, accompany customs inspections.


If you wish to ship your goods from our warehouse to other countries for which an export customs declaration is required, please provide us with the following information:

  • The invoice for the goods with detailed information on products, sender, recipient, country of origin, customs tariff number (CN code) and their delivery conditions (Incoterms 2010) in English.
  • The EORI number of your company.
  • The packing list for the container or pallet, with a detailed overview of the packages and contents.

As a rule, we create these with the product data from our warehouse and your orders.
We process your export declarations via the electronic ATLAS procedure (Automated Tariff and Local Customs Processing System) on the basis of your invoices to your customers. We advise you on the tariffing of your goods. Depending on your requirements and legal possibilities, we place your goods at customs on site or in our warehouse.

We apply for formal proof of preference (e.g. movement certificates EUR.1, A.TR) and prepare other necessary documents.

Preferential measures constitute preferential customs treatment for goods from certain countries and territories. Many countries and groups of countries currently have free trade agreements with each other. Goods complying with the rules of origin of these agreements may be imported duty-free and at favourable tariff conditions. Depending on the delivery conditions, you or your customers will benefit from customs savings.Further steps:

  • Ask us for a complete checklist and the documents mentioned!
  • Fill in this checklist and documents and send them to us!
  • We will advise you and make you an offer.



Your shipments to other EU member states exceed the reporting threshold of currently 500,000 euros in the calendar year, or your receipts from EU countries exceed the threshold of 800,000 euros?

In this case, you are obliged to submit an INTRASTAT declaration for the respective traffic direction to the Federal Statistical Office. We take care of your electronic report to the German Federal Statistical Office.

Do you have to register in other EU member states?
Please contact us! Please note: The obligation to submit the notification arises automatically when the reporting threshold is exceeded.

Have you already received a reminder?
We will also solve this problem for you and take care of your late registrations quickly and easily. Furthermore, we offer the application of permits for the use of special statistical numbers, e.g. for the dispatch of pre-assembled assortments.